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Dr. Erica Liebman
PsyD | Psychologist

I am a clinical psychologist located in Center City, Philadelphia. I treat individuals and couples both in-person and online (including virtually in 38 states).

Therapist in Philadelphia

Meet Dr. Erica Liebman

As a licensed psychologist with experience in a variety of clinical settings, I specialize in working with individuals and couples. My approach to therapy is empathic, integrative, and combines both insight and action-oriented work. I help clients understand why their lives are not changing in ways they would like so they can move in new directions and better tolerate circumstances that may be difficult to change quickly. I do not promise quick fixes, but I believe that with the right help, the journey of improving yourself can be highly rewarding.  



There is nothing more satisfying than feeling a sense of clear purpose in life, moving through unpleasant emotions comfortably, making  value-aligned decisions and having fulfilling relationships. Past trauma, predispositions towards anxious and sad states or a lack of understanding of ourselves can all get in the way of happiness. Therapy can reduce these obstacles so life can be brighter.

Men struggle with particular challenges in their mental wellness, including a stigma when reaching out for help. Loneliness, substance use, and poor health are just a few things men from all races, sexual orientation and social economic statuses struggle. With specialized training in men's psychology, I work with men clinically and am available for academic and professional consultations and presentations.

I specialize in helping couples improve their communication, deepen their connection, and build stronger relationships. I also help couples work on separation as well as pre-marital counseling. Whether you're dealing with conflict, infidelity, or simply want to improve your relationship, I can help.


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